The founders of Myspicetin.com are Rakesh (Rak) Patel & George Little

George is the technical brains behind the brand and also the person that pushed me (Rak Patel) into making the products and also the belief to make sure Maniben’s Family Garam Masala lived on…

I have a passion for cooking all sorts of food and for years I have shared my various recipes with friends and bought them spice tins just like the ones we now sell on MySpicetin.com

It was only after a recent trip to Goa in early 2015, with George, whilst visiting our mutual friend Francisco, that we decided to really give it a go and share Maniben's Garam Masala and also the spice tins and recipes wider.

So a few months later we launched MySpicetin.com and are sharing the wonders of what we believe is a truly amazing garam masala, that has been passed down through my family’s generations.

Our special garam masala recipe has travelled a lengthy journey from India to East Africa and now to England by my late grandmother (Maniben or “Ba” as known to our family). Her children (my Aunts) took on the mantle of making her recipe and sharing it out across their extended family over recent years. They have now become older and I am carrying on the family tradition of making the same garam masala recipe and sharing this even wider. In memory of our Ba we named it Maniben’s Family Garam Masala.

We have also created pre-filled spice tins too and selected some great books to accompany them, which make fantastic presents for all.

Check out our blog where I post regular recipes for all to share and use as they cook with their spices.

We hope you enjoy all our products and as a new small business we rely on our customers, so please help spread the word by sharing and liking us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Rakesh & George