Our first blog…

The founders of Myspicetin are Rak Patel & George Little.

George is the technical brains behind the brand and also the person that pushed me (Rak Patel) into creating the product and also the belief to make  sure Manibens Family Garam Masala lived on…

Rak has a passion for cooking all sorts of food especially Indian due to his  background as a 3rd generation Indian living in North West London. For years he has shared various curry recipes with  friends and for those that are also into their cooking bought them spice tins just like the ones we sell now on MySpicetin.
They have all said what wonderful presents they make. It was only after a recent trip to Goa with George whilst visiting a mutual friend (Francisco, more about him to come in future blogs…) that George kept nagging him to have a go at sharing his grandmothers Garam masala and also the spice tins and recipes wider.

So a few months later here we are launching MySpicetin.com and sharing the wonders of what we believe is a truly amazing garam masala mix that has been passed down through Rak's  family.

We will be writing a monthly blog with a mix of recipes and stories so please come back and have a read and please leave comments and stories of your own.

We have lots more to come in the New Year so please come back to find out more…

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  1. Liz
    I bought 4 for Xmas presents, and have had great feedback on them. One friend wrote "I have never cooked a curry from scratch so I was very unsure. However on Saturday I had my first go, everyone likes it- Chris likes a hot curry, he really liked it and he was amazed that I had eaten it but I don't think it was that hot but it was spicey. I am looking forward to having another go!" My husband (who is normally the chef in our house) commented on how fresh the spices were and how good it was that they were in re-sealable bags so that you can keep the air out.

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