Rak’s Simple Chicken Curry Recipe

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I wanted to share with you one of my simple recipes that I have been making for years and is very close to my heart. It is the first recipe that my Dad (Russ or “Bhailo” as he was known to friends and family) taught me just before I went off to University. With my own Spicetin made up by my Grandmother

It was taught to him by his Father my Grandfather (MakhanBhai) , which is quite unusual in the Indian culture as men don’t usually do any cooking!

But as both worked away from home and their families, my grandfather in various mills around East Africa and my Dad left home at an early age to work in Kampala in Uganda. They quickly had to learn to cook for themselves. Obviously taught by my Grandmother though. Who else?

It’s a very simple Chicken Curry recipe. The key to this and most curry recipes is the masala paste that is made prior to adding your chicken, meat or fish. The masala paste is where all your effort goes into and you’ll understand why once you have made it.

As everyone likes their curries slightly differently, some people like it really saucy, others really hot & spicy. I recommend to make it a few times and you will then work out how you really like it. So don’t be scared to swap different ingredients and see what it does to the flavour, consistency and end result.

Hope you enjoy the recipe and please let us know how you get on, send us some pics or if you have any questions just post on our blog and I’ll respond.


Click here for the PDF Recipe

4 Responses

  1. Tom
    Hi Love this recipe and just checked out my friends spice tin. What I really want is a recipe for Byrani thats authentic and flavorsome
    • Rak
      Hi Tom, Glad you liked the spice tin and recipe. I'll post a new recipe next week. So please come back and try it out. Biryani always seems a dish that is easy to cook by just mixing rice and chicken curry together, but there is a bit more to it. As with a lot of Indian dishes Biryani is made differently depending what part of India you come from. I'm seeing my aunt this week so will get her recipe and share in the next couple of weeks. It's one of my favourites and grew up eating pots of it during my childhood.
  2. Liz
    Hi Rak, Keith tried this recipe last night. As I normally need mild currys, he only used 2 smaller green chillis. It was just right for him (who normally eats medium currys) and fine for me when I added some yoghurt. He has tried lots of curry recipes before, but this is the first one that has produced an "authentic" curry, rather than a spicy casserole. The flavour was just what he liked - slightly peppery. I like fruity curries, so might try adding some banana to my portion next time.
    • Rak
      Liz, Thanks for the feedback great to hear you both enjoyed the recipe and the spices and it wasn't too spicy for you An alternative is to actually add some natural set yoghurt into the curry (couple of spoons) at the end of cooking it and stir through. I would also recommend to add dried fenugreek (Methi in indian) 2-3 hanfduls the same time as the yoghurt too, to give you a different flavour but still mild. If you find it hard to get hold of dried fenugreek, give me a shout.

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