Maniben’s Family Garam Masala


Our own garam masala recipe has travelled such a journey from India to East Africa and now to England by our late grandmother (Maniben or “Ba” as known to our family) and her children.



A unique blend of 11 different spices that have been carefully selected following my Grandmothers family recipe. Some of the spices have also been roasted to further enhance their flavour and aroma. The mixture is initially hand ground in the same way that my grandmother did back in India and East Africa. We then complete the process by blending the mixture by machine for a semi-coarse finish. Recommend to add into curries at the end of their cooking and to marinades to enhance the dish with a unique flavour and aroma.

Includes a high quality mini stainless steel tin with clear lid for perfect storage in your kitchen

Dimensions 10cm Diameter x 5cm height and in a sealable plastic bag for transit

Qty – (70g) in a plastic sealable bag for transit.